Parker Ermeto fittings

The worldwide well-established high-pressure-fitting system is characterized by the highest pressure, Cr(VI)- free surface treatment with significantly higher corrosion resistance, and reduced tightening torques. The Parker Ermeto fitting system is designed to handle extremely high-pressure conditions commonly found in hydraulic systems. This capability ensures that the fittings can withstand the demanding requirements of heavy-duty industrial and mobile applications

Ermeto fittings is designed for metric tube and based on German Standards DIN 3861 and DIN 2353, which today are represented by the international standard ISO 8434-1. EO-PSR is available in “L”- and “S”-Series. The EO-PSR fitting produces a very high pressure, along with a leak free connection of tubes and components in hydraulic systems. The basic important function is the controlled progressive bite of the EO-PSR into the tube due to its unique internal geometry

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Due to this stop shape and cutting edge design, all generating forces are distributed equally. Increased safety is ensured by this distribution and the specifically constructed internal collar (E) of the ring, especially with regard to vibration and flexure stresses. Service Where the bite is made in the tubing, there is no vibration loading.

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High corrosion resistance – White rust has an average corrosion resistance of more than 500 hours thanks to the Cr(VI)-free surface treatment.

EO-LUB – The tightening torques of EO-PSR fittings have been decreased by 25% as a result of the EO-LUB procedure’s particular treatment of bigger sized nuts (25S/28L and larger). This facilitates installation and avoids under assembly, which is the main cause of tube fitting failure.

global accessibility – EO-PSR complies with the requirements of the relevant standards for 24° cutting ring fittings and is offered globally. All types, series, and dimensions of the extensive line of EO-PSR parker ermeto fittings can be used with the multifunctional EO-PSR.

Common features, advantages and benefits of the ermeto fittings EO Bite type system

Field assembly – With just a few wrenches, EO progressive ring fittings can be put together anywhere. There are basic presetting tools available for stainless steel tubing. There is no need for additional machinery or equipment.

Low-cost assembly – The most economical way to preassemble EO rings onto tube ends is to use an EOMAT machine. On the EOMAT, the preassembly procedure alone only takes about 1.4 seconds, while the overall “floor-to-floor” time is often approximately 15 seconds.

There are three series available: Very Light (LL), Light (L), and Heavy (S). There is a solution for the best flow rate, adequate pressure resistance, lowest envelope size, minimal assembly force, and least expensive fitting for each application.

Tube material – Additional support sleeves E make it simple to connect tubes made of plastic, including nylon, polyurethane, chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

Reduced torque – All nuts of ermeto fittings are coated with a highly effective lubricant. Reduced assembly effort helps to prevent under assembly which is the most common reason for bite type fitting failure

Sealing ability – Under a variety of service circumstances, including sealing high vacuum and small molecule gases to high pressure hydraulic fluids, EO fittings have shown a remarkable capacity to remain leak-free.

Distributed stressors – Flexural loading in service causes stresses that are dispersed throughout the joint, reducing the amount of tension concentrated in the bite.

Control of vibration: The ring’s back bevel securely holds the tubing, which reduces the impacts of system vibration on the joint.