T+P over the years has developed a strong reputation as a supplier of sealing products. We have the expertise in solving your sealing problems. To the extent, that even our competitors purchase our products and consult us in helping us solving their sealing challenges. We offer a full range of Parker Hydraulic Seals. We offer both Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals. 


  • Ready stock of Hydraulic Cylinder seals  (Wiper, Rod Piston in NBR, PU & PTFE)
  • We stock over 12 Profiles , 800+ Sizes and over 220,000 Seals 
  • PU Seals made of Parker Patented PU5008 & PU6000
  • Custom sizes also available on short lead time
  • Polyutherane Hydraulic Seals Available
  • Hydraulic Press Seals Available
  • Seals for replacing Seals on Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Please refer to the complete catalog here
Parker Guide Tape


  •  PTFE guide tape is used for guiding the piston rod in a hydraulic cylinder
  •  Parker Guide Tape offers a competitive advantage with their Parker patented Polon 052 compound.
  •  Parker Guide Tape offers higher temperature range and better durability
  •  Available in Widths of 5.6, 9.7, 15, 20, 25 and 30 exstock
  • Hard and Soft options available and refer catalog for more
Parker ORing


  •  Available in NBR, EDM, FKM (Viton), FFKM, HNBR, Silicon & other materials
  •  We maintain a ready stock of 1000+ Oring Size and have 30 Million plus Orings in Stock
  •  Supply Non Standard sizes and compunds on a short lead time
  •  Please refer to Parker Oring Reference Guide for more information
Oring Kit Parker


  • Used extensively for maintanence puproses. 
  • Kit consists of a range of commonly used orings 
  • Kits available in MM, INCHES, Japense sizes (Ex-Stock)
  • Please refer to Parker Oring Catalog for more Information
Quad Ring


  •  Also known as X Rings- Better replacement for Orings 
  • Offer better sealing in dynamic and static applications. 
  •  Available in NBR, FKM, EDM, HNBR etc


  •  Silicon Lubricant that forms a protective layer on the Oring
  • Helps in Preventing installation damage 
  • Prolongs life of the Oring thus decreasing downtime